My name is Zoe Hong and I teach:

fashion design processfigure drawingfashion illustrationfashion industry best practicesgeneral illustration basicscolor theorytechnical designgarment construction
on my YouTube channel youtube.com/zoehongteaches

If you'd like to hire me to teach a class or speak at an event, please contact me at [email protected].

Have a question for me?

I use a service called Calendly for video chat private consults.

I charge $95 for a 30 minute call, $175 for a full hour.

(20% of proceeds donated to Black Lives Matter charities.)

👋 1,000+ fashion jobs. Find your next job in the fashion industry.

🎓 240+ fashion schools and programs from around the world.

Need a little help?

My goal is to help people achieve their goals in fashion design, whether they are students, business owners, or industry veterans in need of a refresher.

In my online shop, I sell fashion figure templates, flats templates, tech pack templates, practice packs, and more!

Need a different kind of help?

I create boards for my students full of visual references for design, drawing, and illustration.

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You can shop my book and product recommendations at my Amazon storefront.

I make a little money but the prices are the same for you.

Want to make friends and network with folks into fashion, art, costume, textiles, illustration, and making stuff?

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What People Are Saying

I get lot of information and inspiration from Zoe’s tutorials for my interior design ideas. They are very very useful and I found them very educational. I really love all her tutorials and her work.

— Madhuka Wijesinghe

The content is always fantastic with practical, clear examples and techniques. It doesn’t matter whether you are working in the industry, a student or someone that just likes fashion, Zoe’s videos always gives you the opportunity to learn something new or enhance the skills you already have.

— Lola Chott

Zoe is the type of teacher that...truly cares, and doesn’t judge, as long as you put in the effort and improve your skills. I still use those lesson plans today...

— Donelda Iyizoba

What I love the most is, she always has a very unique and thorough explanation or even funny story to help us understand certain important things of the techniques…I graduated last year and I still use all of her techniques that I learned in that class while working on my own project and even check out her videos on youtube to remind me back what we had learned and learned even more!

— Jessica V. Wijaya

In about 3 months I’ve gone from drawing flat characters to very detailed illustrations using Zoe’s teachings. What I love about Zoe is that all the information she teaches is able to be applied elsewhere. I draw and paint digitally, but I’ve been able to take all her teachings and apply them to a digital media.

— King Blandon

My friends had recommended me to take her class before I even registered. She was famous for pushing you to your limit. You’ll be surprised what you can achieve later on with her instruction.

— Amy Do

I’ve watched nearly all your videos and do many of several times!!! I’ve learned and I’m still learning a lot from you! Well, I teach fashion illustration at the school I learned RIGHT AFTER I GRADUATED!!! And I tell all my students about you. I’m really really do blessed to have found you.

— Onome Reda Kesena

Zoë is one of, if not my ultimate, favorite teacher I had in university. She gives precise steps that make the ambiguous goal of being an artist into realistic tasks and prioritizes what is most important for you to learn.

— Miracle Cradduck